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Session 1: The Gap between Digital and Humanities: Issues for the Semantic Web (theory)

Linked Data and the Semantic Web provide new opportunities for changing the relationship between computers and their everyday users. There is a tendency for technology to use other resources, including people, on its own terms and for its own purpose (its technological essence). The Semantic Web allows us to challenge this relationship and to design systems that aid our thinking and human knowledge processes, like writing or drawing. This session sets out the foundation for a new type of digital, ‘human curated’, knowledge graph, addressing the gaps that machine learning and artificial intelligence fail to address.

Session 2 – The Human Curated Knowledge Graph (practice)

In this session we create a knowledge map based on the knowledge of the group and the different perspectives that it possesses. Instead of entering data systematically and then visualising it, the process involves visualising knowledge as information as it occurs and allowing this creative process to generate the underlying data. By reversing the traditional process of structured data input, and providing a canvas rather than an input form, users are able to approach the computer on different terms and develop a different mindset.

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